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Scenic spots(旅游景点)Introduction of scenic spots

Temple of Heaven(天坛)
The temple of heaven was built in the 18th year of yongle reign of the Ming dynasty (1420). For the Ming and qing dynasty two generations of emperors to worship the emperor, pray for the grain harvest place. Temple of heaven is circular mound, pray for grain two altar general name, there are altar wall double, form inside and outside altar, altar wall south north circle, symbol of the round place. The main buildings are inside altar, circular mound altar in the south, prayer altar in the north, two altar in a north-south axis, there are walls between. The main buildings inside huanqiu altar are huanqiu altar, imperial vault of heaven and so on, and the main buildings inside the altar of prayer for good harvest are the hall of prayer for good harvest, the hall of emperor gan, the gate of prayer for good harvest and so on.

Tour route introduction(线路介绍)

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