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Scenic spots(旅游景点)Introduction of scenic spots

Yungang Grottoes(云冈石窟)
Yungang grottoes are located at the south foot of wuzhou mountain, 17 kilometers west of datong city, Shanxi Province, north China. There are 45 main grottoes, 252 large and small grottoes, and more than 51,000 stone statues, which is one of the largest ancient grottoes in China. Together with mogao grottoes in dunhuang, longmen grottoes in luoyang and maiji mountain grottoes in tianshui, it is also known as the four major grottoes art treasure house in China. [1]

In 1961, it was announced by the state council as one of the first batch of key cultural relics under protection in China. On December 14, 2001, it was listed on the world heritage list by UNESCO. On May 8, 2007, it was rated as one of the first batch of national 5A scenic spots by national tourism administration.

Tour route introduction(线路介绍)

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